We help finance professionals save time by providing automated P&L generation, enhancing accuracy and efficiency through AI-driven insights.


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Streamline Finances with AI-Driven Precision
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  • Swift Reports: Generate instant reports within seconds by utilizing AI, all derived from your existing Chart of Accounts.

  • Customization Made Easy: Tailor your financial approach with ease by creating personalized templates and mappings that match your unique requirements.

  • AI-Driven Evaluation and Q&A: Let AI evaluate reports, providing instant insights. Engage in dynamic Q&A sessions for immediate answers.


Effortless P&L Generation

Simplify Your Financial Operations with Intuitive Ease

Say goodbye to the complexities of Profit and Loss (P&L) statement creation. Our AI Financial Intelligence App redefines this process, making it swift, accurate, and remarkably easy.

Featuring a user-friendly interface, businesses can effortlessly generate customized P&L statements (and saving 90% of the time!), tailoring financial data to suit their unique needs. This intuitive solution eliminates the burden of manual errors and intricate mapping, allowing users to adapt and excel effortlessly.

AI Insights & Q&A

Dynamic Decision-Making Made Accessible

The app introduces an interactive dimension, enabling users to ask questions and receive intelligent, data-driven answers. 

Ask anything you want, in whatever language you want.

This transformative feature ensures that businesses not only analyze their financial reports with accuracy but also engage in dynamic, interactive decision-making. With AI-driven insights and real-time Q&A, you're equipped with the tools to propel your business towards proactive and informed financial strategies

Tailor-Made Financial Management

Effortless Mapping, Version Control, and Editing

Whether you need diverse mappings, seamless version control, or effortless editing, this tool has you covered. 

Navigate diverse mappings effortlessly, ensuring your financial structures align seamlessly with your business goals. Enjoy the simplicity of intuitive edits, allowing you to fine-tune financial details with precision.

And don't forget to ask AI to evaluate your reports and provide recommendations!

Smarter Finances, Swift Decisions

Transform Your Approach with Real-Time AI Insights

Plug-and-Play Solution

Streamlined Onboarding for Rapid Access to AI-Enhanced Operations

Made for Business Central

Financial Excellence in Your Business Central Environment

Customizable Templates 

Tailor the solution to fit your unique business needs and reporting structures

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