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Welcome to Data Courage

We are not just a company; we're the architects of your data destiny, crafting a future where information isn't just powerful—it's courageous.

At Data Courage, we navigate the complexities of data with precision and purpose. Our technology and visionary team combine to unlock the true potential of your information. What sets us apart is our fearless approach to the digital landscape. We're not afraid to delve into the unknown, turning data into a powerful tool for decision-making and growth.

Join us on this journey where courage meets data, and discover a world where your information isn't just processed—it's empowered.


Team Spirit

Encourages collaboration and a sense of unity.


Promotes honesty and transparency.


Allows for creativity and independent thought.


Promotes inclusivity and dignity for all individuals.


Encourages a love for learning and exploring new ideas.


Fosters creativity and finding better ways of doing things.


Brings joy and positivity to the workplace.


Places value on continuous learning and growth.


Kamil Karbowiak

Kamil Karbowiak

Managing Director

With over 15 years of industry experience, Kamil has a proven track record of driving business growth and delivering exceptional results. He is a thought leader in the AI space and is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to help organizations make data-driven decisions. Privately travel and sports lover.

Bartek Doruch

Bartek Doruch

Managing Director

Bartek has a strong background in the field of reporting, analytics, and budgeting. Bartek is a results-driven leader, with a passion for helping businesses achieve their goals through effective financial management and business development strategies. Privately cars and music lover.

Tristan Threlkeld

Tristan Threlkeld

Sales and Business Development Director

Meet Tristan, our Sales and Business Development Director for the United States. With a client and partner-centric approach, he drives our sales initiatives, capitalizing on his deep understanding of market dynamics. Leading a high-performing team, Tristan actively nurtures client and partner relationships to ensure our commitment to excellence and value delivery.

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