Aimplan in Action: Supercharge Your Power BI

Planning, reporting, and demand forecasting extending the Microsoft Power BI platform

powered by Data Courage's AI Forecasting Models

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Dynamic Planning and Forecasting

Plan, budget, and forecast (with AI-driven Data Courage's Models) effectively, so your organization can adapt swiftly to market changes.


Elevated Structured Reporting

Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets. Discover how it streamlines structured reporting, making data presentation a breeze.


Data Precision Enhancement and Management

Optimize costs and ensure meticulous data accuracy and consistency through integrated master data management tools.

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Marco Assumpção

BI Consultant

Meet Marco, our dedicated Business Intelligence Consultant who lives and breathes data.

With an insatiable curiosity for all things data-related, Marco is on a mission to unlock the potential of information and transform it into valuable insights. As a BI Consultant, he brings years of expertise to the table, helping organizations harness the power of their data. Outside the data realm, you'll find Marco discussing his passions for music, books, sports, and motorcycles. 

Tejpal Ranshi

Business Analyst

Meet Tejpal, a Business Analyst specializing in reporting and process optimization.

With a keen eye for detail and a knack for problem-solving, Tejpal is your go-to expert for resolving reporting issues and optimizing business processes. He brings a wealth of analytical skills to the table, ensuring that data-driven decisions are not just a goal but a reality for your organization. Tejpal is dedicated to enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.


Experience the impact of Aimplan on your data

See how to replace manual spreadsheet processes with a streamlined approach and accelerate the speed of planning and forecasting


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